Temper Chokolade


"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars."

                                                                                                                                             Norman Vincent Peale


With every chocolate I make I hope to change your life...or at least make your day better."

With every chocolate I make I hope to change your life...or at least make your day better."

My name is Timothy Ibbitson and I started Temper Chokolade i Ribe in 2014. I am originally from Canada and I visited Denmark for the first time in 2008.  I became completely fascinated by Danish food culture and had some of the best food experiences in my life.

The past 20 years I have worked as a Chef, Baker and now a Chocolatier all over the world making food for famous people, royalty and heads of state, but most importantly friends and family that love good food.

Working with some of the worlds most talented Chefs has taught me that the secret to fantastic food is using only the best ingredients treated with care and expertise. Staying true to this concept it is possible to create something better than what you started with.  That is the concept behind our chocolate where the combination of ingredients, taste, texture, form, and colour is considered down to the last detail.

In my travels I have always connected with the people through food. With Temper Chokolade I would like to show you a how I have been influenced by local food culture and showcase what the local producers have to offer by using ingredients from the area whenever possible.

I started Temper Chokolade to give you a unique food experience in a box. You can visit us in Ribe or take a box home with you to enjoy with the people you love or enjoy it alone…we won’t judge you.


Temper Chokolade Theobromine

What does our logo mean?

Our logo is inspired from Theobromine, which is the molecule that is found in cocoa. Theobromine comes from the Greek word Theobroma with means "Food of the Gods" It has a simular stimulating effect to caffeine and is simular in its chemical composition.  


Go ahead…check.

Go ahead….check.


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